Legal aid practitioners

Practioners, you can help make this site better.

Give us your organization’s history

One of our top priorities is collecting histories of local legal aid organizations. Often local organizations produce excellent histories for a fundraising dinner or major anniversary. Then the publications become hard to find. CNEJL is committed to compiling these organization histories and making them easily available on this website.

You can help. See the list of all organization histories. Is yours listed? If not, please get it to us. We strongly prefer PDF versions, since paper needs to be scanned.

Give us a good list of key cases from your state

We also welcome lists of key legal aid cases in your state. CNEJL has compiled a good list of federal cases.

We invite suggestions for additional state cases, civil and criminal, that meet our criteria and that we may consider adding. As a starting point, see the page on key state cases that describes our criteria. We strongly prefer curated lists of the best cases. It will be harder for us to use long lists of lower-priority cases. You may wish to urge a knowledgeable older practitioner to review longer lists against or criteria to select the best ones.