Fuentes v. Shevin

Certain Florida and Pennsylvania laws are invalid under the Fourteenth Amendment since they deprive private parties of property without due process of law by denying the right to a prior opportunity to be heard before chattels are taken from the possessor.

Edwards v. Habib

The Court held that the landlord’s right to terminate a month-to-month tenancy “for any reason or no reason at all” did not include the “right” to terminate because the tenant complained of housing code violations.

Sullivan v. Zebley

The regulations governing eligiblity for child disability issued by the federal Department of Health and Human Services are inconsistent with the statutory standard of comparable severity. Children are not given the same opportunity as adults to show their functional impairment in the late states of the determination process.

Olmstead v. L. C.

People with disabilities have the right to receive support in the community rather than in institutions when three conditions were met: (1) the treating medical professionals determine that a community setting was appropriate; (2) the person with a disability does not object to living in the community; and (3) the provision of services in the community is a reasonable accommodation.