The Beginnings of the Legal Services Corporation

Judge Tatel has served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit since 1994. The 5-page article is his remarks delivered at the LSC’s 45th anniversary luncheon and focuses on the transition from the OEO Legal Services Program to the LSC.

Clinton Bamberger: Life

Clinton Bamberger, a giant in legal aid, was a friend and mentor to me and many others in the civil legal aid movement. He was the the first director of the federal civil legal aid program and its architect, along with his deputy Earl Johnson.

Cotter, Colleen, 2019

Full text of transcript Consortium for the National Equal Justice Library Oral History Collection Interview with Colleen Cotter Conducted by Alan Houseman May 9, 2019 Alan Houseman: This is an oral history of Colleen Cotter. She is the executive director of the Legal Aid Society in Cleveland. The interviewer is Alan Houseman for the National … Read more

Avildsen, Eric 2019

Longtime Executive Director of Vermont Legal Aid, which has many innovative programs, some unique in the US. Developed custom case management system and emphasized good management. Previously worked for Central Mass Legal Services.

Arango, John 2017

Directed New Mexico Legal Aid. Chaired NM Civil Legal Services Commission. Longtime consultant on legal aid to ABA, NLADA and numerous state/local organizations. Started with OEO Legal Services.

Pollack, Ronald 2018

As director of Families USA for 34 years, played key role laying the groundwork for the Affordable Care Act, defending it after passage, and getting people enrolled. Started the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) and focused much of his career on reducing hunger among the poor.

Asbury, Mary 2017

Longtime Executive Director of Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati. Started at the Boston Legal Assistance Project.

Rulli, Louis 2016

Executive director of Community Legal Services in Philadelphia where he started his career. Then University of Pennsylvania law professor.