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Charn, Jeanne 2016

She cofounded the Legal Services Institute at Harvard Law School where she was Assistant Dean for Administration of the Clinical Program. Involved in innovative programs.

Houseman, Alan 2018

Biographical / Historical Alan W. Houseman grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After graduating from high school, he attended Oberlin College in Ohio. While at Oberlin, Houseman was active in civil rights and civil liberties initiatives (he was the ACLU chairman and worked with the Oberlin Action for Civil Rights), and was a member of … Read more

Johnson, Earl, Jr. 2017

Biographical / Historical Earl Johnson Jr., was born and grew up in Watertown, South Dakota. He went to college at Northwestern University in Chicago as a NROTC scholarship recipient, where he graduated in 1955 with a BA in economics. While in college, he became interested in government and public policy, and was active in the … Read more

Stein, Jonathan 2016

He worked for Community Legal Services in Philadelphia starting in 1968 and served in various positions including General Counsel. He led innovative litigation that won crucial victories at the US Supreme Court for the poor and racial minorities.

Zander, Michael 1999

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