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King v. Smith

AFDC cannot be withheld because of the presence of a “substitute father” who visited a family on weekends. The issue before the US Supreme Court involved how the states could determine how to implement a federal program. The court used the term “co-operative federalism.”

Powell v. Alabama

Under the Sixth Amendment, counsel must be provided to all defendants charged with a capital felony in state court regardless of that defendant’s ability to pay.

Battle, LaVeeda 2016

Oral history interview with leading African American attorney in Alabama who chaired the board of Legal Services of Alabama, and chaired a key committee of the LSC board at a crucial time in its history.

Keith, Thomas 1992

Bio note Thomas Keith is from Fort Payne, Alabama. He graduated from Auburn University in 1968 and from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1972. At the time of the interview, Mr. Keith was Executive Director of Legal Services of North Central Alabama. Between college and beginning law school in the fall of … Read more