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Breed v. Jones

The Court found that double jeopardy applies to an individual who is tried as a juvenile and is then later tried as an adult.

Carleson v. Remillard

A needy family is eligible for AFDC when a parent is absent because of military service, and California’s regulation to the contrary is declared invalid because it denies appellees their Fourteenth Amendment rights of due process and equal protection and violates the Supremacy Clause.

Damico v. California

An underlying purpose of the federal Civil Rights Act was to provide a remedy in the federal courts supplementary to any remedy any State might have, and relief under the Act may not be defeated because relief was not sought under state law which provided an administrative remedy.

Douglas v. California

There was discrimination between the rich and the poor which violates the Fourteenth Amendment because indigent defendant’s sole appeal was decided without benefit of counsel in a state criminal case.

James v. Valtierra

By requiring approval by local referendum for the building of public low-rent housing projects, the California state constitution does not single out advocates for low-rent public housing and therefore does not deny equal protection.

Lewis v. Martin

AFDC aid can be granted under the Social Security Act only if “a parent” of the needy child is continually absent from the home, the term “parent” including only a person with a legal duty of support.