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Olmstead v. L. C.

People with disabilities have the right to receive support in the community rather than in institutions when three conditions were met: (1) the treating medical professionals determine that a community setting was appropriate; (2) the person with a disability does not object to living in the community; and (3) the provision of services in the community is a reasonable accommodation.

Parham v. J. R.

A parent or a guardian can commit a minor to a mental institution if a staff physician certifies that the minor should be committd, even if the minor strenuously opposes their decision. The Court specifically rejected claims that commitment of a minor by a parent or guardian without an adversary hearing is a deprivation of the minor’s liberty without due process of law.

Askew, Hulett “Bucky” 1991

Bio note Hulett Hall “Bucky” Askew was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1942. He earned a B.A. in History from the University of North Carolina in 1964 and a J.D. from the Emory University School of Law in 1967. Mr. Askew’s career in legal services began while he was in law school; he worked with … Read more

Holmen, Phyllis 2014

Bio note From: Phyllis Holmen retires after 43 years of public service with Georgia Legal Services Program — Georgia Legal Services Program Executive Director Phyllis J. Holmen is retiring after 43 years of public service. “I went to law school with a vision of making a difference in the world,” says Holmen. “I am … Read more

Lyons, Clinton 1991

Biographical / Historical Clinton Lyons was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia. He went to undergraduate school at Manhattan College, and then was drafted into the Air Force, where he spent four years. After completing his service, he finished his undergraduate education and then got admitted to Rutgers Law School. At Rutgers, he learned about … Read more

Moy, Lillian 2016

Executive Director of Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York beginning in 1995. Past Chair of the Civil Policy Group and the Board of the NLADA. Co-convener of the New York Diversity Coalition.