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Free Justice

Important new history published June 2020. Includes focus on the organized legal profession’s role and attitudes.

Califano v. Westcott

Held that the different treatment of men and women mandated by part of AFDC constituted invidious discrimination against female wage earners by affording them less protection for their surviving spouses than is provided to male employees, and therefore violated the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Avildsen, Eric 2019

Longtime Executive Director of Vermont Legal Aid, which has many innovative programs, some unique in the US. Developed custom case management system and emphasized good management. Previously worked for Central Mass Legal Services.

Asbury, Mary 2017

Longtime Executive Director of Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati. Started at the Boston Legal Assistance Project.

Charn, Jeanne 2016

She cofounded the Legal Services Institute at Harvard Law School where she was Assistant Dean for Administration of the Clinical Program. Involved in innovative programs.

Zorza, Richard 2017

Bio note From Richard Zorza (1949-2019) worked for more than 25 years on issues of access to justice, technology, and legal ethics. He was recently described in a Resolution of Recognition by the Conferences of Chief Justices and State Court Administrators as having been “been prolific in his production of influential scholarly articles, ground-breaking … Read more