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Free Justice

Important new history published June 2020. Includes focus on the organized legal profession’s role and attitudes.

Sullivan v. Zebley

The regulations governing eligiblity for child disability issued by the federal Department of Health and Human Services are inconsistent with the statutory standard of comparable severity. Children are not given the same opportunity as adults to show their functional impairment in the late states of the determination process.

Graham v. Richardson

Arizona and Pennsylvania violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment when they denied welfare benefits to those who are not US citizens or to aliens who have not lived in the US for a certain number of years.

Shapiro v. Thompson

Absent a compelling state interest, state laws that impose residency requirements to obtain welfare assistance violate the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the 14th Amendment. Such laws also violate the constitutional right to travel by inhibiting migration by needy persons into the state.

Fuentes v. Shevin

Certain Florida and Pennsylvania laws are invalid under the Fourteenth Amendment since they deprive private parties of property without due process of law by denying the right to a prior opportunity to be heard before chattels are taken from the possessor.

Carr, Catherine 2016

As Executive Director of Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, she made the organization a national leader. An excellent manager, she played a key role in splitting CLS from a separate organization that remained an LSC grantee.

Dietrich, Sharon 2016

Litigation Director at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia. Winner of the ACLU Pioneer Award. National leader in employment law for the poor, especially those with criminal records.

Hirsch, Amy 2016

Bio note Amy Hirsch currently serves as the Managing Attorney for the North Philadelphia Law Center of Community Legal Services, as well as for CLS’ Welfare Unit and Aging and Disabilities Unit. Prior to this position, Ms. Hirsch was a supervising attorney at Community Legal Services for nearly fifteen years. In her positions at CLS, … Read more

Rulli, Louis 2016

Executive director of Community Legal Services in Philadelphia where he started his career. Then University of Pennsylvania law professor.