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Shen-Jaffe, Ada 2012

Director of Columbia Legal Services and Evergreen Legal Services, both statewide civil legal aid programs, from 1986 through 2004 in Washington State. Also served on ABA’s SCLAID and in other leading roles.

Brown v. Legal Fdn. of Wash.

IOLTA means interest on lawyers’ trust accounts. A state law requiring that lawyer client funds that could not otherwise generate net earnings for the client be deposited in an IOLTA account is not a “regulatory taking.” Because the client has suffered no pecuniary loss, there has been no violation of the Just Compensation Clause.

Department of Game of Washington v. Puyallup Tribe

Washington State Game Department’s regulation against net-fishing of steelhead trout discriminates against the Puyallup and must be changed to accommodate between between their net-fishing rights and the rights of sports fishermen.

Meeds, Lloyd 2002

Bio note From the transcript: Lloyd Meeds was the Congressman from Everett, Washington, Northwest Washington, from 1965 to 1977. Congressman Meeds was an outstanding supporter of the Legal Services Program within the Office of Economic Opportunity and was a prime sponsor of the Legal Services Corporation Bill that passed Congress in 1974. “Everett, Washington is … Read more