Flynn, Mary 2018

Leader in the Access to Justice Movement who was the longtime director of the Office of Legal Services of the State Bar of California. Previously directed the Public Interest Clearinghouse.

Greenberg, Danny 2018

Ran the Legal Aid Society of NY. Served on SCLAID. Directed Clinical Programs at Harvard Law School. Then pro bono partner at major NYC law firm.

Groudine, Bev 2018

Bio note Beverly Groudine has been a staff member of the American Bar Association for many years, working on a wide range of issues regarding access to justice including: Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) and other funding initiatives for legal aid; delivery of high quality civil legal services to persons living in poverty; and … Read more

Nan Heald oral history (2018)

Executive Director of Pine Tree Legal Assistance in Maine during 1990 – 2022. Guided innovative work on technology, veterans, foreclosures, debt collection and other issues.

Ogburn, Will 2017

Longtime executive director of the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) in Boston. Guided the organization through loss of LSC funding and in fostering and organizing the consumer law practitioner community.

Perle, Linda 2018

Bio note As of 2011, Linda Perle directs legal services at the Center for Legal and Policy Studies,

Scudder, Steve 2018

Bio note From Steven Scudder graduated from the Franklin Pierce Law School (now the University of New Hampshire School of Law) in 1983. He was in private practice for a short time and then became director of the New Hampshire Pro Bono Program. For 10 years he led that program and the New Hampshire … Read more

Taubman, Dan 2018

Judge of the Colorado Court of Appeals. Previously directed Colorado Coalition of Legal Services Programs. Staff Attorney, Center on Social Welfare Policy & Law. Managing Attorney, Pikes Peak Legal Services.

Weeks, Tom 2018

Longtime Executive Director of the Ohio State Legal Services Association (OSLSA). Previously worked at the Cleveland Legal Aid Society in 1975. Leader on employment law.