US national report to ILAG on Civil Legal Aid: 2019

Biennial national report on recent developments. Written by an American for the International Legal Aid Group (ILAG) conference. Covers July 2017-Dec 2019 (101-page PDF).

Focus organization:
Publisher: International Legal Aid Group (ILAG)
Date (approx.): 2020-02-01
Actual title: "Civil Legal Aid in the United States: An Update for 2019"
Creator: Houseman, Alan W.

Collection: ILAG reports
Format: Report

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Geographic level: Federal
State: National

Law type: Civil

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This Update is taken from the National Report for the United States prepared for the International Legal Aid Group (ILAG). This report, an update to previous national
reports, covers the period from July of 2017 through December of 2019. The report is divided into two parts: civil legal aid and access to justice. A background report that includes more details about the US system see Appendix.