Dana, Howard 2002

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Storyteller: Dana, Howard
Interviewer: Saunders, Don
Date of interview: 2002-08-06
Length: 0:58:56

Topics: LSC: General
Geo, US: ME
Medium: Video

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Bibliographic citation: Oral history interview with Howard Dana, conducted by Don Saunders, August 6, 2002. Oral history collection, National Equal Justice Library, Special Collections, Georgetown Law Library.

Abstract: The interview was conducted at American University Washington College of Law, in Washington, D.C.


Biographical summary
Justice Howard H. Dana joined Verrill Dana as an associate in 1967. He became a Partner in the firm’s Litigation Department, where he concentrated his practice in business litigation. In 1993, Dana was appointed to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court by Governor John R. McKernan, Jr., and was reappointed in 2000 by Governor Angus King, Jr. Justice Dana concluded his distinguished service with the Court in March of 2007. Justice Dana has long been a leader in the cause of legal services for the poor at both the State and national levels.

Dana first worked in legal services during law school, when he worked with Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic in Maine. In 1981, he was appointed by President Reagan to serve as a Director of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), where he championed the cause of funding for legal services. In 1990, he was again appointed to the LSC Board by President George H.W. Bush, serving on the Board until his appointment to the Maine Supreme Court in 1993.

In recognition of his commitment to equal access to justice for all citizens, the Maine Bar Foundation established the Howard H. Dana, Jr. Award in 1988, which is presented annually to honor an individual for his or her commitment to the goals of the Foundation.

Education: University of Virginia School of Law (LL.M., 1998); Cornell Law School (LL.B., 1966); Cornell University (M.P.A., 1966); Bowdoin College (A.B., 1962). Public Service: Associate Justice, Maine Supreme Judicial Court (1993-2007); Director, Legal Services Corporation (1982); (1990), (1991), (1992-93); Member, Cape Elizabeth School Committee (1976-82) Chair (1982) Memberships: American Law Institute 2005-present; American Bar Association 1967-present; ABA Task force on Access to Justice, Chair; ABA Board of Governors (representing District One: ME, NH, VT, RI); ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service; ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants (1994-1997); ABA Commission on Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) (1988-1992); Maine State Bar Association 1967-present; Cumberland Bar Association 1967-present; Fellow, Maine Bar Foundation. More information can be found at the Verrill Dana website: http://www.verrilldana.com/hdana/