Jenkins, Robert, Sr. 1991

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Storyteller: Jenkins, Robert, Sr.
Interviewer: Pritchard, Michael
Date of interview: 1991-07-21
Length: 0:55:42

Topics: Civil legal aid: General
Geo, US: SC
Medium: Video

NEJL I.D.: NEJL-009.054
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Bibliographic citation: The transcriber reports that the audio quality of parts of the interview is poor and the transcription is thus incomplete: it has some dropped words.

Abstract: Interview topics include expansion of legal aid in South Carolina, 1976-1980.


Bio note
From the transcript: Mike, I was born in a small town called McClellanville, South Carolina and that is in Charleston County. I’m the seventh child of a 13 children family, born just after World War II. I basically was raised up in humble beginnings down in the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina. I was educated in the public schools of the Lowcountry. Graduated from Burk ultimately went on to a higher education after the military experience, so my education really began after four years in the Air Force when I came out and matriculated at the Citadel in Charleston and then to USC Law School in Columbia, South Carolina.