McCalpin, Bill 2002

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Storyteller: McCalpin, Bill
Interviewer: Perle, Linda
Date of interview: 2002-08-09
Length: 2:54:29

Topics: LSC: General and OEO Legal Services
Geo, US: MO
Medium: Video

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Abstract: Topics include: Experiences in legal services, including SCLAID, LSC, and NLADA.


Biographical / Historical
F. William “Bill” McCalpin graduated from St. Louis University in 1942 and Harvard Law School in 1948.

McCalpin, who was a partner and counsel of the St. Louis law firm Lewis, Rice & Fingersh, L.C., has been involved in a variety of leadership positions supporting both the private bar and legal services. From 1965-70, he served as Chairman of the American Bar Association Special Committee on Availability of Legal Services. During 1965-70, Mr. McCalpin was the Director of the Legal Aid Society of the City and County of St. Louis and a member of the National Advisory Committee for the Legal Services Program of the Office of Economic Opportunity.

He also was the Director of Missouri Legal Aid Society and a member and past President of National Legal Aid and Defender Association.

Mr. McCalpin first became a Member of the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation in 1979. He served as Chair from 1980-82. President Clinton appointed him to the Board again in 1993, and he served until 2003.

From 1984 unitl 1986, McCalpin was President of the American Bar Foundation. In addition, Mr. McCalpin served as the Chairman of the American Bar Association Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly from 1996-2002.

Bill McCalpin died in 2009.