Oelkers, Joseph 1992

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Storyteller: Oelkers, Joseph
Interviewer: Leonhard, Brian
Date of interview: 1992-07-28
Length: 1:14:41

Topics: Civil legal aid: General
Geo, US: LA
Medium: Video

NEJL I.D.: NEJL-009.045
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Abstract: The interview was conducted at the Don CeSar Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida. The topic of the interview is the history and development of legal services in Louisiana.


Bio note
From the transcript: I’m from New Orleans, but I’ve spent most of my life in Lafayette. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette. I went to LSU Law School. While I was in law school I worked with the legislative council for a couple years. And that was really my first practical
experience in the law. I was involved in drafting legislation for the Louisiana state legislature on a year-round basis. Then after graduation from law school, I accepted a job as a law clerk with the 27th Judicial District. That’s in St. Landry Parish. I was a law clerk in the 27th Judicial District in St. Landry Parish for a year. After that, I went to work for the Louisiana Department of Justice in the attorney general’s civil division. I handled defense work, suits against the state. And then I left that position in Baton Rouge to go into private practice in Lafayette, my home, and my — my primary focus during my practice was to serve as the student government association lawyer at USL. It was a free advice office, legal advice office, at the university, for students. And I did that until I joined Acadiana Legal Services
in 1978.