Scudder, Steve 2018



Interviewer: Houseman, Alan
Date of interview: 2018-05-10
Where relates to: New Hampshire
Topics: American Bar Association (ABA) and Pro bono
Collection: NEJL

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Bio note
Steven Scudder graduated from the Franklin Pierce Law School (now the University of New Hampshire School of Law) in 1983. He was in private practice for a short time and then became director of the New Hampshire Pro Bono Program. For 10 years he led that program and the New Hampshire Bar Association’s other lawyer referral and public service initiatives. Mr. Scudder had been doing consulting for the ABA Center for Pro Bono since 1986 and in 1994 was hired as the Center’s director. In 1996 he became Counsel to the ABA’s Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service. During the past 19+ years he has led many successful national pro bono initiatives, has spoken and written extensively about pro bono, and has provided extensive consultation to programs across the country. Mr. Scudder is a recipient of the University of New Hampshire School of Law Bruce E. Friedman Pro Bono Service Award (2013), the New Hampshire Bar Association’s L. Jonathan Ross Award for Outstanding Commitment to Legal Services (2011) and the National Association of Pro Bono’s William Reece Smith Jr. Special Services to Pro Bono Award (2008).

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