Stotland, Janet 2016

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Storyteller: Stotland, Janet
Interviewer: Houseman, Alan
Date of interview: 2016-04-26
Length: 0:38:33

Topics: Poverty law
Geo, US: PA
Medium: Video

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Abstract: The interview was conducted at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Bio note
Janet Stotland graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (1966) and the University of Pennsylvania Law School (1969). She began her legal career at the Philadelphia Legal Services program, where she served as Managing Attorney of the West Philadelphia neighborhood office, and as the first Director of the Public Housing Unit.

From 1976 to 2010, Janet was a director of the Education Law Center, a non-profit, public interest law firm and education advocacy organization that promotes better educational opportunities and outcomes for “at-risk” Pennsylvania students and families. Janet then served for two years as ELC’s general counsel. She remains a consultant to ELC on foster care and special education issues.

For many decades Janet has worked to eliminate barriers to quality education and special education for children in the child welfare system through litigation and other strategies, most recently in partnership with the Juvenile Law Center of Philadelphia and the ABA. Janet was lead counsel in Nancy M. v. Scanlon, which eliminated as unconstitutional a state law that limited foster children’s right to attend school where they live. Janet is also an expert in special education law and has been helping parents and students in Pennsylvania with disabilities enforce the IDEA since it went into effect in 1977.

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