Tull, John 2016



Interviewer: Houseman, Alan
Date of interview: 2016-11-10
Where relates to: Arizona
Topics: Civil legal aid: General and LSC: General
Collection: NEJL

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From https://nlada2015.sched.com/speaker/jatassoc:
John Tull, John A. Tull & Associates, Management Consultant, Nederland, CO
John’s career in legal services spans 47 years, starting as a Reginald Heber Smith Fellow and staff attorney at Southern Arizona Legal Aid, where he also served as executive director from 1974 to 1980. He served as vice president for programs and director of program operations at the Legal Services Corporation from 1994 to 1998. More than 25 years of John’s career have been spent as a management consultant to organizations involved in the delivery of legal aid to low-income communities. He is the author of numerous articles and studies about the delivery of legal services to low income people. John was the reporter for the Standards for the Provision of Civil Legal Aid, adopted by the American Bar Association (August 2006) as well as the ABA Standards for Providers of Civil Legal Services to the Poor (1986) and the ABA Standards for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Providers of Legal Services to the Poor (1991).

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Abstract: The interview was conducted at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown Hotel, in Indianapolis, Indiana.