Joseph Oelkers


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    Where most active professionally: Louisiana
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    Source: CNEJL


    From the transcript: I’m from New Orleans, but I’ve spent most of my life in Lafayette. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette. I went to LSU Law School. While I was in law school I worked with the legislative council for a couple years. And that was really my first practical experience in the law. I was involved in drafting legislation for the Louisiana state legislature on a year-round basis. Then after graduation from law school, I accepted a job as a law clerk with the 27th Judicial District. That’s in St. Landry Parish. I was a law clerk in the 27th Judicial District in St. Landry Parish for a year. After that, I went to work for the Louisiana Department of Justice in the attorney general’s civil division. I handled defense work, suits against the state. And then I left that position in Baton Rouge to go into private practice in Lafayette, my home, and my — my primary focus during my practice was to serve as the student government association lawyer at USL. It was a free advice office, legal advice office, at the university, for students. And I did that until I joined Acadiana Legal Services in 1978.

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