Justice in Government Project (JGP)

In 2017, Karen Lash became a Practitioner-in-Residence at the American University School of Public Affairs Justice Programs Office and developed the Justice in Government Project (JGP). Lash is the former Deputy Director of the DOJ Office for Access to Justice and Executive Director of the Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable (LAIR),

The goal of JGP is to develop state and local executive branch strategies for incorporating legal aid into government programs, policies and initiatives that serve low-income and underserved populations. For its first two years, JGP planned to work closely with an initial cohort of legal profession leaders (e.g., staff or board members of IOLTA Foundations, Access to Justice Commissions, state Attorney General offices) from Arizona, California, Mississippi and Wisconsin. JGP will formalize collaborations with state agencies responsible for increasing access to health care, housing, employment and education, and improving family stability and public safety.

This project aims to produce:

  • Sustainable infrastructure that supports and funds civil legal aid for its pilot states;
  • Online toolkit reinforced by training and technical assistance to support activities in other interested states;
  • New dollars for civil legal aid into the future; and
  • New and nontraditional allies for civil justice stakeholders.

For more information: www.american.edu/spa/jpo/jgp.cfm